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Hello, We are Jobdaddy. Jobdaddy is a local job portal Launched in 2018. Jobdaddy works in local cities for providing Placement Services, helping Candidates to find their dream job and Companies to find suitable Candidates. Jobdaddy helps local job seekers to find information about the new jobs in local cities. It works with Employers to list the best job in local cities as well as to provide the widest range of open job positions.

Jobdaddy is your local Job host. It helps Candidates to find Dream Job and Employers to find suitable Candidate for their Company.

Millions of people in local Cities in India are unemployed or underemployed, yet. many of the employers can’t find qualified candidates for their open jobs. Jobdaddy gives you instant access Hot job opportunities as soon as they become available so that you have every opportunities to serve you next job before anyone else even knows the job existed. Don’t miss out, Sign Up Now for free Account at Jobdaddy and you will be given instant access to thousands of job opportunities as well as many other additional job search reasons to assist you in looking in the right position, the position you have been searching for your dream job in your city is just a few clicks away.

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